Goodbye, Rodents! Get Rat Removal Services This Fall and Save $50

Now that colder temperatures are almost upon us, there’s nothing more comforting than being at home and basking in the warmth. Do you know who loves to be inside your home as well? Rats.

Though rat infestations happen year round, this problem often gets worse during the fall season. With the weather getting cooler every day, rodents will be looking for a warm place to stay. One of these days, these pesky little animals might find their way into your home, causing problems and mayhem.


Rat Removal Professional Matthew Rosen Receives his LCWM Certification

Rat Busters proudly announces Matthew Rosen, one of their valued rat removal technicians, earned his Limited Commercial Wildlife Management (LCWM) Certification. Upon taking and passing the exams, the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services granted Mr. Rosen the certification. Mr. Rosen can now professionally and legally remove or trap rats and mice in, on or under commercial structures in Boca Raton and other surrounding areas.
As the appointed agency for ensuring the protection of the environment and the safety of every Floridian, the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services requires that all pest control and animal control business in Florida must get their license through them. The Structural Pest Control Act dictates that operators must be certified in the category in which the business operates in.